Compelling 2D and 3D modelling and animating for all media


Animators are popularly associated with the high budget film productions being delivered to a screen near you. However the everyday world of animation is much more practical and provides a highly flexible and effective communication tool for the commercial world.

Our freelance animators can deliver everything from visual explanation for complex technical processes and creating detailed training programmes, through to eye-catching banner advertising on the web and providing high impact promotional films for broadcast to screens of all sizes.

From darkened room to a screen near you - engaging motion graphics

We combine the freelance skills of scriptwriters, illustrators and designers with modellers, animators and audio specialists to produce effective and compelling animations. Our freelancers will interpret your brief to visual storyboards, write scripts and source or compose soundtracks to provide extra impact. Working in a darkened room all alone for days on end does question the sanity of modellers and animators but on the whole they seem to be a healthy - if somewhat pale bunch.

What's with the fish?

We need your help.

You see the humble Carassius auratus auratus (aka goldfish to you and me) is on record as being the earliest fish to be domesticated. Not that it does the cleaning or cooking or anything. It just really sits there in its bowl and stares at you.

And thinks a lot. Probably.

But you see - the problem is this.

They can live for over 40 years. Which is a jolly long time for a fish.

So why is that a problem?

You see, this fishy tale has reeled you in. And the point we're making is this.

If you've read thus far you really should be taking advantage of our fresh and imaginative ideas to reel your customers in. Just as we have you.

Find your phone and call 01483 422566 - before your competitors do. Otherwise that would make it your problem.