Project Management

Centralised management by a dedicated project manager

project management

As a team of freelancers providing a wide range of specialist skills our combined effectiveness will depend upon the clarity and discipline of our project management. That is why for every project we appoint one of our team to provide centralised management of the project.

Honesty, frankness and transparency

Your project manager, who will work with you and the freelance team throughout the job, will be responsible for interpreting your brief, matching the freelancer skill sets required and delivering the project in on time and on budget. Our success as a group is built on our philosophy of employing honesty, frankness and transparency in everything we do and we are confident that you will see evidence of that in the way each project is handled. This also gives you a single point of contact throughout the job and the bonus of having someone to moan at should you have had occasion to get out the wrong side of bed...

What's with the fish?

We need your help.

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