Video Production

Script to screen video production delivered to broadcast standard

Businesses use video for a multitude of reasons and our freelancers are familiar with the need to deliver quality production for information and training films, advertising and product demonstrations.

A freelance creative and production team on-tap

Our freelance production team have experience in creating video for everything from small promotional clips to be streamed on internet or intranet to a series of films or larger scale productions.

They will work with you to develop an outline, create a script, cast actors if required, and organise everything required in advance of the shoot. The director, camera crew and production team on the day will deliver in footage to the video producer for review, and from there our freelance team can provide an off-line edit for an initial viewing of the programme. Thereafter we finish up polishing your film during the on-line edit and mix audio and lay-in graphics and any special effects. Delivery of the finished programme can be to video cassette, flash disk drives, DVD and internet streaming formats.

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