Web Technologies

Matching web technology to your practical business needs

Web Technologies

We don't expect you to know your Perls from your Pythons, whether you'd be better off with Ruby or ColdFusion, or even what all the Web 2.0 excitement is about - that's our job. Mind you we'd be suitably impressed if you do.

Since the heady days of the late 1980s, when Briton Tim Berners-Lee brought the 'world wide web' to life, things have moved on apace and it takes enthusiasm and raw energy to keep up.

A skilled and experienced freelance technical team

Our role as enthusiastic web-savvy freelancers is to match powerful technology to your business needs. Perhaps you want to:

  • Upgrade your website to make use of the rich new graphical features and interfaces available.
  • Get your business data online so your colleagues and customers can interact with your data wherever they are.
  • Get an understanding of "cloud computing" and how your business might use it. Perhaps it can improve availability of your externally facing IT systems, or even reduce your company's power use?
  • Improve the use of your data with advanced databasing and reporting services.

Our freelance technical team have years of experience applying the most effective tools to a wide variety of different scenarios across many different commercial and institutional sectors. The freedom of operating as freelancers provides your business with a fantastic depth and diversity of knowledge at far lower cost than would be demanded by a traditional agency.

And you know what? We don't even mind being called 'geeks' - we actually take it as a compliment...

What's with the fish?

We need your help.

You see the humble Carassius auratus auratus (aka goldfish to you and me) is on record as being the earliest fish to be domesticated. Not that it does the cleaning or cooking or anything. It just really sits there in its bowl and stares at you.

And thinks a lot. Probably.

But you see - the problem is this.

They can live for over 40 years. Which is a jolly long time for a fish.

So why is that a problem?

You see, this fishy tale has reeled you in. And the point we're making is this.

If you've read thus far you really should be taking advantage of our fresh and imaginative ideas to reel your customers in. Just as we have you.

Find your phone and call 01483 422566 - before your competitors do. Otherwise that would make it your problem.