Print Management

Print savvy freelancers delivering the right results to the printed page

Print Management

Getting the best results from a printed page takes skill and experience. Getting the most cost effective results for your print relies on matching the right print specifications to the right printer. Our freelancers specialising in design for print can deliver those results whether you have a preferred printing house or don't mind shopping around.

Taking the hassle out of print

Our freelancers have experience in all types of print and finishing and will see a project through from specifying for pre-press, overseeing proofing, guiding a project through the finishing process - and of course ensuring delivery is coordinated to your overall project schedule. In effect we take all the hassle out of print.

Whether your design project needs to be delivered as a single sheet flyer, multi-paged brochure, pocketed folder, complicated product packaging or oversized exhibition panel our freelancers will competently manage the design to print output.

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We need your help.

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